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Find Music in the Online Catalog: Find Recordings

Guide to finding scores and recordings in BGSU's online catalog

Finding Recordings in the Online Catalog

Searching for recordings in the BGSU Libraries Catalog is relatively easy once you are familiar with strategies that allow you to streamline your searches. Using the web-based catalog, you have two main options for searching. The first begins with an AUTHOR or TITLE search and uses the catalog's limit feature; the second uses a WORD search and allows you to enter all of your terms and conditions in a single step. Locating recordings of works with distinctive titles is slightly different than searching for those with a musical form as a title (symphonies, sonatas, etc.) Using the catalog's sorting option allows you to sort your results in a reverse chronological order, so the most recently pressed recordings (usually CDs) are at the beginning of your results list. Examples of both types of searches, with both the AUTHOR or TITLE and WORD options are provided.

Click the arrow next to "Finding Recordings" on the tab above to link to sections describing the above two searches.

Circulation of Sound Recordings

Not all of the recordings listed in the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives are available for circulation.

  • Call numbers beginning with MUSICCD circulate to most local users.
  • Call numbers beginning with MUSIC12/33 or MUSIC10/33 circulate to BGSU graduate students, faculty, and staff.
  • Call numbers beginning with CD, 12/33, or 10/33 may be used at the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives but not checked out.


See our Circulation Policy for a detailed listing of what materials circulate to different user groups.

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