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Blues Music: Getting Started

Assistance with finding blues recordings and information about the blues in the library

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Getting Started with the Blues

Image from the Florida Folklife Collection in the State Library and Archives of Florida.


In the BGSU Libraries Catalog, use the following subject searches:

  • Blues (Music)
  • Rhythm and Blues Music
  • Blues-Rock Music
  • Guitar Music (Blues)
  • Piano Music (Blues)
  • Harmonica Music (Blues)
  • Blues Musicians

To find books about blues musicians or performers, try a SUBJECT search of the individual's name (Last name, First name).

To find books, recordings, or scores (printed music) by blues musicians or performers, try an AUTHOR search of the individual's name, or a TITLE search of an album title or a song title.


You can also limit your search results by designating a specific material type, such as sound recording or musical score.

Note: Many albums have excellent historical and biographical notes, and lyrics are frequently included on containers or inner liners.

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This guide was created by Liz Tousey, former Music Library Student and Circulation Supervisor.