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ARTH 3170: Ancient Near Eastern Art: Home

Reference Works

Reference works do a great job of contextualizing and summarizing people, places and events - making it easy to complete this background research! You can cite these authoritative library sources in your bibliography.


Head of a Woman with Gold Jewelry

Head of a woman with gold jewelry, Sumero-Akkadian, c. 2500 BCE

ARTstor logo

If you search ARTstor for a keyword (like the name of an Ancient Near Eastern ruler), you will find object associated with it. Use the icons beneath the objects for additional views (and additional information) or to see other images commonly grouped by ARTstor users with the ones you found. You must create a free personal account in ARTstor to download images.

Click on the image title for full information about the object, including its repository, or owning museum. Sometimes the museum's website will contain additional information.

Articles & Databases

JSTOR logoJSTOR is definitely the database where you will find the most results for searches about the history and objects of the Ancient Near East. This is because it has numerous art history and museum publications as well as numerous archaeological journals. Make searches in JSTOR as specific as possible, or limit searches to a particular discipline.

EBSCO logoYou've probably used Academic Search Complete, but the library has over 70 databases in EBSCO, including subject-specific databases like Art Full Text, Anthropology Plus, and ATLA (which is a religion database). These databases search journals that are NOT necessarily included in Academic Search Complete! Go to "Choose Databases" in EBSCO to search them all at once.