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Pcirc Conference 2013: 2013 Presentations and Documents

Information and registration for the 2013 Pcirc Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

From Late-Night Gigs at Biker Bars

From Late-Night Gigs at Biker Bars: Get through Them Quickly and Painlessly
On INN-Reach Reports by Bo Butler (BGSU) & Lila Andersen (OSU)

From A Smooth Duet: OhioLINK & SearchOhio

From A Smooth Duet: OhioLink & SearchOhio
By Anita Cook (OhioLINK) & Jessica Curtis (Westerville Public Library)

Packing Video

From Rock Stars and Hotel Rooms: How to Avoid Costly Incidents
   An OhioLINK Packing Video


From Soundcheck: Making Sure Everything Works and Everyone's In Tune
   On Statistics by Lorna Newman (UC)

Chicago Symphony

From The Chicago Symphony
   On The Center for Research LIbraries & Linda Hall by Kevin Wilks (CRL)


From Copyright: Why the Label, the Songwriter, and All of Us Get Paid
   By Cindy Kristof (Kent State)


From Advanced Techniques
   Tips & Tricks by Claire Ballinger (The Athenaeum of Ohio), Cheryl Miracle (Sinclair) & Rebecca Raeske-Grinch (Otterbein)