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INST 2000: Introduction to International Studies: Search Tips

What kind of information do I need? Books, Journal Articles, etc.

Three major types of scholarly sources are books, book chapters, and articles.  What's the difference?

Books Book Chapters Articles
Broad More specific Narrow

Books may useful when:

You need a broad overview. There are times when you want someone to explain everything to you - beginning to end. Books are very appropriate for this.

Book Chapters may be useful when:

You want an overview of a specific topic or a case study.

You can also find books that contain many related chapters on a topics.

Articles may be useful when:

You want a specific to very specific case study.  Sometimes scholarly articles are more general, but they are usually very narrow in scope.

Example: The globalization of music in history Example:  A Place in the World: Globalization, Music, and Cultural Identity in Contemporary Vanuatu in   Music and Globalization : Critical Encounters Example: Hip-hop Japan: Rap and the Paths of Cultural Globalisation

Formulating Keywords

Let's say you've chosen option B for your research paper (refer to your assignment description) and then narrowed your topic to "Global Flows of Music"

Library resources require that the words you enter are included exaclty in the document.  Therefore you need to narrow down your search terms to ONLY the key words that you would want to appear in every result. 

BAD SEARCH: Examples of Global Flows of Music

BETTER SEARCH: Global Flows Music


TRY RELATED TERMS: Globalization Music