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BGSU Fair Use Workshop: Schedule

Details about the BGSU Fair Use and Digitization Workshop, 2013

Tentative Schedule





Day One (Monday, May 6)

8:30-9:00, Check in

9:00-9:15, Welcome and Introductions

9:15-10:15, Overview of key issues related to Fair Use, Orphan Works, and Digitization

10:15-10:30, Break

10:30-12:00, Fair Use (What are practical limits, what are the risks, how is application different [if at all] in digital environment?) 

  • Fair Use’s relation to copyright and other doctrines for libraries
  • Fair Use for library digitization: overview of key cases
  • Discussion

12:00-1:30, Lunch on your own

1:30-3:00, Orphan Works Focus Groups (two concurrent sessions)

3:00-3:15, Break

3:15-5:00, Orphan Works Focus Groups (concurrent sessions continued)

Day Two (Tuesday, May 7)


9:00-9:15, Recap of previous day

9:15-10:30, Overview of ARL Code of Fair Use Best Practices

10:30-10:45, Break

10:45-12:15, Discussion of participant-submitted scenarios under ARL Code of Best Practices

12:15-1:30, Lunch on your own

1:30-3:00, Activity: Creating a Copyright Risk Assessment Plan for Your Library: workshop

3:00-3:30, Break

3:30-4:00, Wrap up



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or contact any of the Workshop organizers directly:

Susannah Cleveland

Nancy Down

Stefanie Hunker

Linda Kramer

Liz Tousey