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Embedding Library Content into Canvas: Embedding LibGuides

Embedding LibGuides

Library guides (LibGuides) are web-based guides put together by librarians to provide assistance in using library materials, identifying resources for topics and courses, and much more. We have hundreds of LibGuides available, and we can always work with you to find or create guides to support your courses. 

We have recently developed an LTI that embeds LibGuide content directly into Canvas.  This next section of the guide will walk you through identifying and embedding LibGuide content into your Canvas course.

Available LibGuides

Adding LibGuides to Your Canvas Course-- Video Guide

Adding LibGuides to your Canvas course

To embed a LibGuide into a Canvas Module:

1. Click the plus sign to add an item to the module.

2. Choose External Tool from the dropdown menu.  Select BGSU LibGuides.

3. Choose the guide you would like to embed.  You can search or scroll. If you don't see a guide that meets you need, request a new guide from your librarian.

4. Choose the default page from the guide. All guide pages will be available within Canvas, but this sets the page that your students see first.

5. Click the cloud icon to publish the guide to your students!